Phoenix Students Deserve the Opportunity to Succeed.


Arizona spends less per student than any other state in the nation. Our state leaders have cut education to the bone.*

* U.S. Census Bureau’s Public Education Finances Report


The Phoenix Union Override will grant our students vital resources to thrive in underfunded schools and beyond.

Education is about creating opportunity. By providing upgraded classroom technology, vocational classes and teacher training, the Phoenix Union Override invests in students and equips them with the tools they need for the 21st century economy. Our students will flourish with greater opportunities.


Here’s how the override will help our schools

  • Upgrade classroom technology and enhance science classrooms and labs to help prepare students for high-tech jobs
  • Improve vocational education and teacher job training
  • Update school safety equipment like fire alarms, smoke detectors and sprinklers
  • Make all Phoenix Union high schools handicap accessible as required by law




Phoenix elected, business and community leaders support the Phoenix Union Override because they know we need strong schools to keep our city strong:


Greg Stanton, Phoenix Mayor

Linda Abril, PUHSD Governing Board Member

Lela Alston, State Representative and PUHSD Governing Board Member

Kate Brophy McGee, State Representative

Mark Cardenas, State Representative

Aaron Chamberlin, Local Business Owner

Ken Clark, State Representative

Ian Danley, PUHSD Governing Board Member

Adam Driggs, State Senator

Charlene Fernandez, State Representative

Sue Glawe, Business Leader and Education Advocate

Susan Gray, Local Business Leader and Phoenix Union Parent

Katie Hobbs, State Senator

Dave Howell, Business Leaders and Education Advocate






Tom Oviatt, Educator

Stephanie Parra, PUHSD Governing Board Member

Laura Pastor, Phoenix City Councilwoman and PUHSD Governing Board Member

Stanford Prescott, PUHSD Governing Board Member

Martin Quezada, State Senator

Rebecca Rios, State Representative

Lawrence Robinson, Roosevelt School Board Member

Jennifer Sanchez

Randy D. Schiller, PUHSD Governing Board Member

Gary & Melissa Trujillo, Be A Leader Foundation

Jonathan Larkin, State Representative

Paul Lowes, Educator

Eric Meyer, State Representative

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